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Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

9-daagse wandelvakantie incl. bagagevervoer

De routebeschrijving van deze wandelvakantie is Engelstalig

Hadrian's Wall Path was opened in 2002 and has proved an immediate success with walkers from both the UK and mainland Europe. The route follows the line of Hadrian's Wall which was constructed by Roman emperor Hadrianus between AD120 and 128 to protect the northern extreme of the Roman Empire.
It crosses the country from coast to coast - from Wallsend, near Newcastle, through the rolling border countryside of Northumberland, continuing on to the historic city of Carlisle and finally to the flat plains of the Solway Coast.
At every mile along the Wall there is a milecastle with two watchtowers in-between. Although sections have been plundered for local houses, the central section is very well preserved, as well as the various forts and milecastles on the way.


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